Want Want, the popular snack from Taiwan, has arrived in Thailand

Want Want Group, founded in 1962, has over 60 years of business experience in markets across Asia, the Americas, Oceania, Africa, and Europe. This year, Want Want made a progress move despite the COVID-19 pandemic, expanding their markets to Thailand. Just last month, Want Want organized a company merit making ceremony according to Thai culture not only to show their respect to local culture but also to announce the arrival of Want Want, the leading snack brand for merit making in Taiwan.

Want Want Thailand: A Rejuvenated Brand ImageWant

On this topic, Dr. Dora Chiang, Country Manager of Want Want Thailand, explained that “while the Want Want name is new to consumers in Thailand, this also means that there are more possibilities to explore. So, we are taking this opportunity to rebrand our image into a younger, mainstream brand.”

Besides its commitment to tasty and healthy food of supreme quality, the company is opting for a variety of food selections that cater to the dietary preferences of Thai people. For starters, they have chosen their Milky Toffy, Frozen (ice beverage product), and beverages to kickstart the new market. Chiang stated confidently that, “We will have the Thai people loving Frozen ice popsicle so much that they can’t go a day without it. We want our products to be a staple in every family fridge and their everyday life.”

Their products are designed to be all-age inclusive, targeting consumers from 6 to 40 years old. “Our ultimate goal is to appeal to all Thai people, from 3-year-olds to 80-year-olds,” Chiang said smilingly.

On marketing strategies, Want Want Thailand will adopt the “intensive distribution” strategy, incorporating both conventional and modern distribution channels to penetrate all areas of Thailand including Central and Northern Thailand where there are high consumption power.

Eyes on the Religious Economy: Thailand’s Culture of Worshipping 

Want Want has long been a household food brand name among Chinese markets; in Taiwan, it is the number one choice when it comes to offerings – when it’s time for religious ceremonies and folk rituals, little Wangzai is never out of sight.

Thailand is a predominantly Buddhist country; in addition to regular Buddhist rituals and ceremonies, there is a large population of Chinese descendants who still practice worshipping and folk rituals. On this note, Chiang stated that, “Nowadays, you can easily find food offerings for ceremonies at supermarkets and convenience stores in Thailand, which shows a market demand. Therefore, Want Want products can be the perfect new options.”

The offerings provided at last month’s company merit making ceremony in Thailand were in fact all Want Want products. The choice was not only a gesture of respect to local culture but also an announcement of Want Want’s advancement into the Thai market – Here comes Want Want, The No.1 Snack Brand from Taiwan!