Character of Wang Jai

6-Year-Old Boy

Wang Jai is Want Want’s Main Mascot. He is a boy at the Age of 6.

Lively & Playful

He is Lively and Playful, that is why everyone loves to Be Around Him.

Imaginative & Curious

He is Creative and Imaginative loving to explore New Experiences.

Favourite Snack

Wang Jai’s Favorite Snacks are Want Want products, including Milky Toffy, Frozen, and OPao.


His Hobby is trying Want Want New Products and share them with friends.


His Dream is to become The Hottest Kid in Thailand and gain lots of Thai friends!

Scientist Wang Jai

Lao Shi Wang Jai

Strawberry Wang Jai

Wink Wang Jai

Athlete Wang Jai

Mathematician Wang Jai

Yummy Wang Jai

Happy Wang Jai

DJ Wang Jai

Chilling Wang Jai